Last Oooooh Whew I’m Getting Spring Fever with a Self Drafted Skirt

Last Oooooh Whew I’m Getting Spring Fever with a Self Drafted Skirt

Hey My Sewing Family,

This will be my last post of this Spring Fever thing but don’t hold me too that, it really all depends on the weather! I was listening to The Commodores (yes) it was sounding oh so good and thinking what was going to be the garment for this weeks post. How many of you know when you’re not quick to rush things, everything just has a way of coming together for the good. It came to my mind clearly on what my last “Spring Fever” post should be about and I’ll tell you shortly.

How many of you have a really good friend, pal, confidant, homie, bestie, BFF, what about your ace boon coon, bosom buddy, I mean your ride or die to name a few. Now I know I’m bringing back some memories for some of you, hopefully good ones! Well, I ask because I do and she’s been around since Elementary School, that’s right. I won’t say the years but let’s just say it’s a lot of them and to me, she’s all of the names above and more!

Now you’re wondering why I mentioned her right? Well, she sewed the skirt I’m wearing. Let me be clear, she didn’t sew it for me 🙁 but was giving away some things and this skirt was in the pile. We talked about learning to sew and decided to take a sewing class back in 2012 or 2013, for the life of me I can’t remember what year. That was one of the best things we decided to do cause over the years we did a whole lot of stuff together that clearly wasn’t in our best interest! Don’t judge us, all I can say, God was watching over us.

She took another skirt that she really liked, traced and made a pattern from it, easy peasy were her exact words. The Ponte De Roma knit from Michael Levine Low Price Fabric made this awesome, one seam pencil skirt that I just love. It took one yard of fabric and is incased with elastic at the waist, that’s it that’s all.

What Dee’s Wearing?

Self Drafted Skirt

Let’s play a game, I want you to comment in the comment section below other names used for best friends but here’s the kicker you can’t repeat a name that has been perviously used. Please only comment one name and let’s see how far we can go with this. Sound fun right?

All Pictures Courtesy of BWHAT!

This was football Sunday and my husband and I was going to watch the game. I wore my Dez Bryant Jersey with my Kennth Cole shoes (old) that are so comfy that I wore them all day and my Casio Baby G-Shock watch. Off we went of course after taking these pictures. I just love my watch, it has become my go to watch.

Until we cyber again!
Dee from BWHAT!
Bust Waist Hips and Thighs

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4 Responses to Last Oooooh Whew I’m Getting Spring Fever with a Self Drafted Skirt

  1. One of my favorites to call my friend is “my good girlfriend” and “homie” when I’m in a silly mood. Keep up the good job with your sewing and blogging.

    • Hey Shon,

      Thanks for spending some time with me, lets keep the ball rolling,
      although girly you were to put only 1 name down 🙂 but it’s not the end of the world.


    • Dorothy,

      I love it, I forgot “Road Dog”! A good one.
      I wish more people would have gotten involved with this game, I’d love to see what people could’ve come up with.

      But I understand people are busy.


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