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What’s the 411 on me?

img_0081Many of you may remember me from my old blog Curvaceously Sewing and KJK Styles BlogSpot. So you might be wondering why does this girl have so many blogs? How many of you know when things aren’t in order and you’re operating out of God’s will then these are the things that happen. Having multiples blogs, being here, there and everywhere without a purpose or plan. I needed clarity on how I should do things, from choosing the name for my business to praying about what direction God wanted me to go. I had to go to my closet and pray. Until I started seeking God I was all over the place and if I’m going to use this platform that I’ve been blessed with then I must seek God first. I never want to be the blind leading the blind.

Things started to fall in place, sort of, however I still had one dilemma… what was going to be my new name? So I called my best friend to throw some names out there and she wasn’t feeling none of them and neither was I (I know I was working her last nerve but isn’t that what friends are for)? Let me tell you, she always ask “did you pray about it?” Can I just say prayer works y’all. Well I did (pray) and I’m back under new management ladies and gents and I WELCOME You!!! This is the new and improved life of me and my new blog Bust Waist Hips and Thighs… BWHAT! I don’t know about you, these are 4 things that have been problematic for me most of my life so that’s how the name came about and I LOVE IT! For my faithful followers please allow me a brief moment to update you and our new friends who’ve decided to drop in.

My name is SaDetra aka Dee Dee aka Dee. I was born and spent my entire life in the DMV! For those who are from the area know what the “DMV” stands for and for those who don’t, I’ll let you in on our little secret…it stands for DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Most of my life I’ve been a plus size girl. I’ve always been comfortable and confident in my own skin until I began having serious back problems. It wasn’t until the back problems had I realized I was 275 lbs. on a 5 foot 3 inch frame. As I continued to gain weight it dawned on me the fashion industry wasn’t offering fashionable statement pieces. Just because someone is larger than the average doesn’t mean we don’t want to look put together or our clothes shouldn’t make a statement. Can I get an Amen! After being frustrated I started playing around with the idea of making my own clothes and blogging about it. Although, I wasn’t sure which direction to go, I knew I wanted to be fashionable and help other women like myself.

In my new blog I will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly side of sewing, mixing ready to wear with sewn garments and just some plain old girl talk. I find myself needing to express myself about things going on in my life that don’t have anything to do with sewing! Can I get another Amen! I’m not sure where this journey is going to take me, however I’m sure to bring you along with me for the ride. My prayer is when you stop by and visit my blog (my home and now yours) you’ll experience a wealth of information, tips, encouragement and inspiration. I thank YOU for stopping by. You’re more than welcome to stay as long as you like, make yourself right at home and be sure to sign up to receive emails of DIY’s, sewing tips and non sewing subjects!

Dee with BWHAT!
Bust Waist Hips and Thighs