BWHAT has Reached it’s First Milestone!

Hey My Sewing Family,

I’m so excited to be reaching the first of many milestones and boy I’m gleaming with joy! Why? I’m glad you asked :).  I’ve reached over 10,000 views on the blog and that’s so exciting; can you imagine my joy! To be honest, when I first started my blog, I didn’t know if it was going to be successful or if people would take an interest to it. I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit in since there are so many who are blogging about sewing/fashion and their personal lives.

In taking Mimi G’s online course at “A Lifestyle/Fashion Enthusiast’s Guide to Blogging”, she encourages you that it doesn’t matter whether there are 500 million people blogging about the same topic everyone has a unique voice and if you Build It, someone will Read It. That was the boost I needed.  Now, here we are three months after my debut blog, November 16th and over 10,000 views later.

It’s because of you; I’m giving away a $25 Gift Card as my way of saying “Thank You!” I could say “Thank You” a billion times and it still wouldn’t be enough!

Rules of the Contest

To enter, you MUST subscribe to my blog and comment about one of your Milestones in the comment section below. If you’re already a subscriber then you’ll need to comment in the section below. Whether your milestones are the number of views you set for your blog, promotion, graduation, marriage, divorce, joining a church, your breakthroughs, turning points, how about that dream job or overcoming your biggest fear. It’s just that simple!

The contest will run from February 20th to February 25th @ 11:59pm eastern time.  On February 26th, I will be using this Random Name Picker through and the Winner will be announced on the blog February 27th. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Another name will be picked if the winner does not make claim within the 24 hour period.

Please Note: Commenting below will not enter you into the contest, you must subscribe to the blog and then comment.

Good luck and I can’t wait to read all about your milestones!

All Pictures Courtesy of BWHAT!

Dee is wearing Burda Vintage Pant pattern 6966, click here to read the full write up on the pattern.

Until we cyber again!
Dee from BWHAT!
Bust Waist Hips and Thighs…..

Making It Work for You!


16 Responses to BWHAT has Reached it’s First Milestone!

  1. Milestone: I have made it 9 years past my mother’s transition. Her loss continues to be palatable every day of my life. On the positive, I try and make her proud of me. Every. Single. Day.

    • Hogan,

      Do I feel exactly what you are saying! You would think my mother is still alive. Because every thing I do I try to make sure that if she was still alive would she approve of my actions. That women has left a stamp on my life that will always remain. Know that you will continue to make it and I’m sure your mom is looking down with approval saying job well done, job well done.

      Thank you so much for sharing! It helped me as I’m sure it will help someone else.


    • Hi Toni,

      You are bringing back so many memories of when I was pregnant 2 out of the 3 times with my girls. One is 21 and the other is 17 and they are a joy for sure. It’s something about having girls that you can share and do things with. They try to keep me young at heart and mind and I often have to remind them of my age.

      Enjoy this time and if this is your first, take it all in because they grow so fast.
      Know that you will make it to the end of your pregnancy and she will turn out just fine.

      I hope for sure you’ll keep in contact with me so I can be updated about your milestone. 🙂

    • Hey Carolyn,

      Thanks for sharing your milestone and don’t you be trying to do the BUMP no time soon! Am I telling my age? But on a serious note, do what the doctor say do and most importantly take the time needed to heal. We all heal differently and some take longer then others.

      It sounds like your on the right foot with taking baby steps. I had back surgery and did too much too soon and I wasn’t healed and that caused me a lot of pain and suffering in the long run. Oh know that I have learned a crucial lesson, listen my your doctor!

      So baby steps are in order!


  2. The milestone for me was when I saw my girlfriend sewing. It gave me the motivation to start sewing again after 15 years, and I’ve been sewing ever since.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks you so much for sharing your milestone! Isn’t sewing just great, no matter how long you’ve been away from it, you can always jump right back into it. It’s almost like riding a bike, you never forget the how to’s! I’m so glad you decided to get back into sewing because sewing is sexy!


  3. Wow thanks for this awesome opportunity! I must say my biggest milestone has been the birth of my one and only daughter, Triston. I had a hard time conceiving and when I finally gave birth it was the greatest day of my life! God has blessed me with a sweet, kind, thoughtful, smart and beautiful child. It is mid blowing the way God continues to work in my life through this child! He has shown me through her the true meaning of love, sacrifice and trust all through this little one! Thanks again for this opportunity.

    • Awwwe Dorothy,

      This brings a smile on my face. Isn’t God more than just Great, I’ve seen him work miracles in the lives of people and my own. I’m so glad that God blessed you with your daughter. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for my children.

      Isn’t it amazing how children change us. I really didn’t know what love was until I had my children. I’ll go to war for them, I’ll give them my last and no matter what, I’ll alway be there for them. No matter if they’re right, wrong or indifferences; now I won’t make their wrong right but I’ll be there every step of the way thats how deep my love run for mine.

      I’m enjoying reading people’s milestones and I’m so glad that you shared your story prayerfully to help someone else.


  4. I am loving your blog! I followed your post from Sew Much Talent, and so glad I did! Really nice to meet you!
    I reached a milestone in my fashion life when I actually illustrated, draped/drafted, and created one of my designs. Draping and making my own pattern was intimidating for me. But, I tried and I conquered!

    • Yes Alethia,

      And thank you for taking an interest in my blog. Now, I don’t want to call it my bucket list but a milestone list! I want so bad to get into drapping if thats a word. 🙂 I’m so glad that you took the plunge and tried what you thought was going to be difficult. Isn’t it amazing how God will give us knowledge and the know how’s when we need it. Continue to master your craft and I’ll be looking for and purchasing your line.

      If you ever do a class on drapping let me know, I’ll be the first to sign up.


  5. Awesome blog! I don’t know if I really think about meeting milestones. I make goals and I as I meet them, I reevaluate, set another one and keep going. Milestone for me would be to sew for others without breaking a sweat. Lol

    • Hello Martha,

      Thanks for enjoying the blog, I was really hoping that this would be a place for all to visit and would be a place of relaxation. I understand setting goals only to push them back or just never accomplish what you sat out to do. Then there are those that get accomplished.

      I give you all the praises for sewing for others! People ask me all the time do I sew for others. The answer would be no.
      One I don’t think my sewing is good enough and I don’t know if I want to deal with folks.

      I’m sure with praying you’ll get there!

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hey Connie,

      Thank you for entering the contest. Thats a great milestone! Sometimes we can consume ourselves with others and our family that we forget about our needs!

      Good job for putting yourself first, I’m loving it!


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