Knock Knock, Who’s There? Springtime! 

Knock Knock, Who’s There? Springtime! 

Hey My Sewing Family,

Can I just say, I’m so excited for this season of the year and I’ve been waiting for this since winter hit. The excitement of it has me sewing up a storm. Oooo the sunny skies, breeze, warming temperatures and the official date of spring has me wanting to spring clean my clothing space to make room for new ones. I can remember when I was a little girl and during springtime we had to spring clean our clothing space and or drawers.

We had to bring up containers that our summer things was packed in from the previous year, unpack and then use the same container to pack our winter cloths. Believe it or not, I still try to live by that motto today because it gives much required/needed space.

Let me know how you spring clean your clothing area/space.

So this weeks blog will be sweet and to the point. I just love Burda Patterns and being a plus size sewer, Burda Patterns give me that edgy yet fashionable look I prefer. While in Joann’s, I came across Burda Pattern 6664 and had to have it. What a way to jump right into spring sewing! When I’m shopping for patterns; One, I shop when they are on sale and Two, I try to look past the design and the models on the envelope and envision how I can bring it to life the B-WHAT style way.

What Dee’s Wearing? 

Burda Style Pattern 6664 Misses’ Wrap Dress and Blouse: Semi-Fitted Wrapped Dress and Blouse with narrow hems. A: Casually wrapped and tied at the waist. The summery wrap dress with half-length integral sleeves and B: the blouse follow the same pattern but has a collar. This pattern is rated “Super Easy” and it is very easy with no zippers or buttons to deal with. This is a great pattern for new sewers and the instructions were great if you’re new to construction or reading patterns. I used this stripe Chambray from Fabric Mart Fabrics during my visit back in December.


I cut a size 18 and extended the sleeves 4 inches long with adding a sleeve cuff. To make the cuff, I cut two 6 x 18 inch rectangular shapes and stitched two rows of gathering stitches on the long side using the longest stitch on your machine, leaving about 4 inches of thread on each row of stitches. Pulling on the 4 inches of thread, I gathered until it was the same width of the sleeve. Before adding it to the sleeve, I serged the bottom and did a narrow hem then I added the cuff to the sleeve. After adding the cuff to the sleeve, I serged the seams after pressing so that it would have a clean finish inside.

I also widened the collar to give it a 70’s vibe with a 2017 feel. To accomplish this I traced the collar on a clean piece of paper and widened where the peaks are, making sure not to change the dimension of where the collar would be attached. I love this blouse. It’s sexy and the ties are long enough to be wrapped around twice if needed.

Dee’s also Wearing Burda 7122

Some time ago I was on one of my favorite blogger’s website Fashion Behind the Seams and saw a pair of pant Vatsla sewed. If you have not checked out her blog I really suggest you do so.  She’s fantastic, sews great and has free informational sewing tutorials!

Back to the pants that I absolutely love! Of course they’re OOP so I was on the hunt and found them on E-Bay. Hopefully you should be able to find them online as well.

Burda 7122 Full, Flared Leg Trouser – Give the option of a high waist or belted waist, both with crease down the front legs are wide and flared towards the hem with a zipper in the center back. View A without waistband. View B with wide, high-cut waistband and section seams. Four buttons hold the front double-waistband.

Pattern Sizing:  8-20. I made view B in a size 20 but next time I’ll do a size 18 and I elected to go without the four button that hold the front double-waistband.

These wide leg pants are to die for and I love the way Burda has designed them to fit my curves without all the extra seam allowances. The only alterations I made was a pin tuck in place of the crease. I did this by doing the crease as per the directions right down the middle of my pant then pinning 1/4” on that crease. I sewed from the bottom all the way up to my dart.

Before doing the pin tuck I suggest you practice practice and practice some more before doing it on your fashion fabric. Here’s a fantastic article on Threads, all about Pin Tucks that should be of help to you.

I used the same fabric used for my Janelle skirt by Style Sew Me. It’s a textured, very light weight, butter color fabric. It reminded me of a corduroy fabric that I found at Joann’s and what makes this fabric great is that it can be worn throughout Spring and Summer.

All Pictures Courtesy of BWHAT!

I just love my Nine West shoes. I really love this two piece number that I sewed together. The wrap blouse will be in rotation for a while and what I really love is that you are completely covered – No Gapping. No pinning is required for closure because it was truly designed not to open while worn. I will be making this again in an all white cotton fabric and the pant will be made again in linen. Yesssssssss

Until we cyber again!

Dee from BWHAT!

Bust Waist Hip and Thighs

Making it Work for You!



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    • Hey Shari,

      I appreciate your comment and for checking out my blog!
      For some reason Burda really does well in the design department for me being a plus size women.

      The more I sew, the better I get with fitting issues and BTW I just love your creations and I can’t wait to get my hands on your Keira Ramel Jumpsuit! 🙂


    • Stacy,

      Thank you so much and I appreciate your interest but for right now, I just sew for fun/hobby!
      If I decided to offer this Blouse at a later date for ordering or a tutorial for those who sew,
      you’ll be the first to know. 🙂

      If you have not signed up to receive notices for what’s happening at BWHAT, please do so at


  1. yes maam you definitely rocked this look! I looooooooove that top of yours and I will be picking it up this weekend. Thanks so much for showing sexy and classy styles for all of us full figured women. And as for the spring cleaning, it’s so funny that we both do the same thing as far as exchanging winter for summer/spring. My great-grandmother taught me the same concept as a little girl and it has stuck with me to this day. Thanks again for sharing our wonderful craft. Miracles and blessing!

  2. I have this burda top/dress pattern and was looking for reviews on it when I found your post. You look stunning! I also really like the changes you made to the patterns.


    • Hi Dagny,

      Such an easy pattern and I highly encourage you to give it a try! Burda make some really easy pattern and their instructions are some of the best to me. Thank you so much for the compliment and I look forward to viewing yours.


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