So Continuing my Oooooh Whew I’m Getting Spring Fever with McCalls 6556

So Continuing my Oooooh Whew I’m Getting Spring Fever with McCalls 6556

Hey My Sewing Family,

So, I’m sitting here writing this blog and watching a historical tennis match between two of the best that ever did it! The Williams sisters played an awesome match and I’m just glad that I could witness it and a little upset I couldn’t physically be there because it might not be another match of this magnitude between the two.

Now you know a little more about me and you also know that winter isn’t a friend of mine. In continuation of last week’s blog, I decided to post about McCall’s 6556. When this pattern hit the streets in 2012, it was hot! Please correct me if I’m wrong with the year. Any who, I knew I wanted it. As with all patterns, you buy them only for them to sit for months, some times years before getting some use and then they’re times when they never get used (if that’s you, please let me know). But that wasn’t the case for this one, I wanted to sew and wear it right away. Now, I didn’t get as much wear as I wanted but my mission was accomplished!

Oh my, I almost forgot, I want to give you an update on me abstaining from purchasing patterns and fabric! Oooooh whew, not buying fabric hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be but I broke down and bought Style Sew Me pattern Ms. Janelle. Let me tell you, I just couldn’t resist this baby to be honest then I fell weak once again and gave in to purchase several McCall patterns that were on sale. I’m going to be as transparent with you as I can and not buying patterns has been most difficult for me however, I’m determined to overcome this. I’m messing alllllllllllll the way up because I also purchased 2 yards of fabric to make Ms. Janelle. I thought this fabric would marry so well with Ms. Janelle pattern and the mark down price was unbeatable. So there you have it, I’m not perfect by a loooooooong shot.

McCall’s 6556, another pattern I’d sewn a couple years ago and got a chance to wear it over the summer of 2016. This was a really popular pattern back then and figured why shouldn’t I wear garments that are not relevant anymore. I tell my children all the time just because it’s old doesn’t mean it still doesn’t look good. Some of my favorite cloths are my older ones. So, I brought her back out and although this pattern is out of print I’m sure it can be found online.

What Dee’s Wearing?

McCall’s 6556

McCall’s 6556 “Fashion Star” Misses’ Dresses: Pullover dresses have narrow hems. A: loose-fitting, tucked front and back extend into armhole drape. B: very close-fitting, bias self bindings (armhole extends into shoulder straps). I made view A, this pattern is rated “Easy” and it is very easy, I believe only 2 pieces. This is a great 2 piece pattern for new sewers and the instructions were solid however if you’re new to sewing and need a visual, check out Mimi G tutorial for McCalls 6556 and you can sew along with her. I used this soft, drapey, stripe, some type of knit, natural color fabric from Joann’s several years ago but any Novelty Sheer Knits, Jerseys or Cotton Knits will do.

Below is a picture of my husband and I, back in 2014, when I was rocking longer hair and the same blouse with a denim skirt, same shoes and purse!  I’m just sitting here smiling, just so many memories! I just love this man, we been in the game, this year will make 27! Some ups, downs, break ups and break throughs along the way but we’re making it. WOW!

All Pictures Courtesy of BWHAT!

I just love my Michael Kors shoes. I love the wooden wedge heel and the patent leather! What is there not to like about my Gucci bag, the rich brown color and style is what drew me to this particular bag at the Gucci store in Woodbury Commons a couple years ago.

Until we cyber again!
Dee from BWHAT!
Bust Waist Hips and Thighs

Making It Work for You!


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  1. Dee I just love your style! You are one hot mama and make us thick girls look great! I have this pattern and had forgotten about it but I will soon pull it out and get it made. Thanks for reminding me and sharing your sewing skills with us. Miracles and blessings my sew sister!

    • Ms. Scales,

      Thank you so much for the compliment it means a lot! I’ve learned to embrace the hips, curves, big arms and legs. 🙂 Once I learned what the fit/style was for me I’ve really been sewing. Everything is not for us however every once in a while I will test the waters and wear something that looks better on the smaller women.

      Yes pull out that pattern, it really is an easy sew and make sure you send me a picture, I’d love to see you in it.


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