The Prom Dress using McCalls Pattern 7507 and 7047!

The Prom Dress using McCalls Pattern 7507 and 7047!

Hey my sewing Family,

I’m sure many of you are wondering where in the world I’ve been and why haven’t I posted in a while. Our youngest is graduating from High School in exactly one week and my life has literally been on pause for the last few months. One of the things I’ve been working on is her prom dress. This post will be about the dress and next week I’ll tell you more about how I wasn’t making the dress, and then I was making the dress.  You all know how indecisive our kids can be.  Anyhow, let’s get to this amazing dress I had the pleasure of making.

The fabric came from one of the best fabric stores in our area, G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD

I used a beautiful black velvet with stretch for the skirt portion of the dress.

I used this gorgeous lace called “Metallic Lace” for the bodice and overlay. The lace is currently not online but I saved my receipt and the Item Number or SKU Number is 217953, description Metallic Lace priced at $69.95 a yard. I purchased 3.5 yards and probably could have gotten away with 3 yards. There you have it.

How I Put it all Together!

For the Bodice I used McCall’s 7507 Sleeveless Overbodice View. Cut in size 8

I only used pattern pieces 5 and 6 to cut out the lace, making sure to line up the edges 1/2″ from the scalloped edge; this is a very important step. I also used pattern piece 5 to cut out the nude tricot underlining. This provided coverage so there weren’t any peek-a-boos through the laced bodice. While working on the bodice I didn’t want the seams to show through the lace so I laid the wrong side of the lace to the right side of the underlining and baste stitched around the complete front bodice making it into one piece. I did that for both the left and right sides. I decided not to line the back bodice pieces.

Next I sewed the side and shoulder seams together. I decided not to sew the darts due to fear of being able to see them through the lace, not a good look. What I did in place of the darts was gather the section where the darts would have been and it worked out beautifully! I almost forgot to mention I did a narrow hem stitch around the armscye. Now the bodice is complete. Now, moving onto the skirt! Mind you, I thought of all this while sewing, none of this was planned. Whew!

For the skirt I used McCall’s 7047 Long Skirt with Train View. Cut in size 6

Using pattern pieces 8 and 9 I made sure to measure the length of my daughter including the 4″ heels she planned to wear. I cut the velvet fabric used as the underlining of the skirt, baste stitched the front and back together and did the first fitting. Because the velvet was a stretched fabric I took in about a 1″ on each side to give it more of a contour fit. Once I retrieved the fit she wanted, I ripped the seams and folded the front skirt right side together; I also folded the right side of the lace together. I then laid the velvet front skirt piece on top of the lace and cut out the lace leaving about 1″ of seam allowance because the lace wasn’t stretch. I also made sure to line up the bottom of the velvet about 1″ above the scalloped edge. It’s very important if you’re not using a stretch lace to add the 1″ seam allowance to allow room for sitting. I did the exact same thing for the back skirt piece, leaving a 1″ seam allowance.

She preferred having the zipper on the side opposed to the back. This is the beauty about sewing; you can create and change things to your preference and not be bound to just one way. I installed a 20″ invisible zipper on the right side seam to allow easy access to step in and out of her gown.

After installing the zipper, I pinned the bodice to the skirt matching seams and making sure that I indicated the middle front and back so the front and back outside lace would be placed on the center skirt. I baste stitched the bodice to the skirt and did another fitting. During her fitting I notice some gapping in the inside front. To prevent the gapping I decided to add elastic to the inside front edge of the lace. I made sure to cut the elastic shorter than the lace so it would gather. Oh my, it worked out beautifully; I also took in the shoulder seams about a 1/2″ more. Once I had the correct fit I put in the permanent stitches connecting the bodice to the skirt. I trimmed the inside seams pressing them down using a pressing cloth.

This turned out to be one of my greatest accomplishments and knowing that my daughter will forever have memories is all a mother can ask for. This dress has received over 2,000 likes on the McCall’s Facebook Page. I’ll be forever grateful for all the wonderful comments that people took time out of their schedule to make. We also had a few adverse comments and we appreciated those as well.

If you need further information or if I can be of help regarding this dress please leave a comment below and someone will contact you.

All Pictures Courtesy of BWHAT!

Photos taken by her Big Sis Khameren, Hair Stylist Kim from Loc’s and Cutz in Capitol Heights, MD, Make-up Artist China and Accessories from Claire’s, Dress made by Mom.

Until we cyber again!

Dee from BWHAT!

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  1. Omg you did an amazing job and your baby looks stunning! I can’t imagine any adverse comments cause that dress and her in it are drop dead gorgeous! Great job and congrats!

    • Dorothy,

      Thank you so much! Yes Ms. Dorothy people are very opinionated but it’s ok as long as she was happy with her dress that’s all I wanted and she was.

      Thanks Again!

    • Miranda,

      Thank you so much as I said before I just didn’t know how this dress was going to turn out. I wanted this to only be the best for my daughter but with sewing anything can happen to the over look/construction of the dress.

      I’m so glad it turn out just right.

  2. OMG— I can’t believe you freestyles that dress, it’s gorgeous. By far one of the most stylish prom dresses I’ve seen. Beautiful job Mom!

    • Amy,

      That just goes to show you that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.
      Your comment has me smiling!

      Thanks a bunch.

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